Welcome to the home of Eastwind Creative LLC!

Here you'll find creative, effective, clever, well-designed advertising, websites, logos, book covers and more that span over thirty years. We've served companies as large as Warner Bros, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Cummins International and HarperCollins, and as small as Jutta's House Cleaning and EMR Pet Sitting.

Eastwind Creative offers you all of the capabilities of a full-service advertising agency - and twice the experience of most - at a fraction of their cost... because we can.

We've worked in tenth floor offices with glass walled conference rooms, panoramic views and custom built walnut tables.

We've flown in private planes to visit clients, worked with some of the largest ad agencies in the country, and wined and dined clients atop the World Trade Center. But our first love and our final focus has always been and still remains the creative process.

These days, the view from our office features the pool in the back yard, our conference table is in the dining room, and we take clients to lunch at the local golf club. But that creative - clean, concise, and effective - is still what we bring to clients just like you. Without the overhead.

Click through our website and see for yourself. Then give Dave a call at 623.734.4357 or email davegjerness@mac.com, and let us surprise you with what we can produce for you!

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